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D.M. writes:
"Thank you, Dr. Ishida. I loved your office. Lately, I've been in two offices that have been 'Over Consulted' and come off as being unauthentic and insincere. I felt so relaxed and cared for in your space. I left there feeling sad about the condition of my tooth, but well informed as to my options."

Dear Dr. Ishida and Staff,

Thank you all for remembering me on my birthday. It means a lot to me. Your staff is AWESOME!!!!!! And Dr. Ishida, I finally found a dentist that showed patience, understanding, and above all "compassion" which truly means everything to me. You gave me back my smile again, which I never thought I would have. Thank you all so very, very, much!
- Mahalo,  CA

        An Open Letter to the Kauai Community:

Why would a dentist write a letter to you about another dentist? Every once in a while, not often enough, you come across another professional that you really admire and respect. Dr. Clyde Ishida of The Kauai Smile Center is that professional.

As a consumer myself, I know how difficult it can be to find a good Doctor in any field. But as a dentist, I know how I would like to be cared for in a dental office and what qualities I would look for in a dentist. I was so impressed with the quality of Dr. Clyde Ishida’s work, the beauty of his cosmetics, and his compassion that I wanted to tell a lot of people about him.

Let me tell you how it all started. I was looking for a dentist to do some cosmetic work on my own teeth. Just a couple of months ago, Dr. Ishida and I both attended a continuing education seminar in Richmond, Virginia. This is an exclusive group of dentist dedicated to providing exceptional quality and services to our patients. Dr. Ishida attends many hours of continuing education every year to keep current and to provide the best care to his patients. Dr. Ishida and I have also attended the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). This post graduate learning institution is long recognized as one of the premier cosmetic, restorative and post-graduate training dental institution in the world. The knowledge and experience gained from attending this renowned institute has helped him provide beautiful cosmetic and functional dentistry and life changing smiles along with enhanced self-esteem for many, many happy patients.

I feel that Dr. Ishida does this because he is an exceptionally fine dentist, but also kind, gentle and a caring professional. In fact, he is my dentist now, too. I’m so impressed and proud of “my dentist” that I wanted to share this with you.

I am a resident of Honolulu, I don’t practice on Kauai, but I wish I did. I travel all the way to Kauai, just to have my teeth done. However, for any of you who do live on Kauai you are very fortunate to have a dentist like Dr. Ishida there as your neighbor. If anyone asked me for a recommendation for a dentist in Kauai, Dr. Ishida would be my personal choice.

He is very modest and not one to toot his own horn so to speak. So, in order for anyone to experience his care, I literally had to twist his arm to get him to do this. But he agreed to give anyone who is looking for a dentist in Kauai a free examination and a free consultation. A $150 value. Call Dr. Ishida’s office at 808 822-4906. Don’t be left out of this opportunity to meet a wonderful and great dentist.

With Kind Regards,

     Dr. Wilfred A. Miyasaki DDS

V.V. writes:
“For so many years, I hated my teeth and wondered what could be done to improve my smile. Then while glancing through an in-flight magazine I came upon an article about cosmetic dentistry that tweaked my interest. So when I got home, I went to my dentist and he referred me to Dr. Clyde Ishida. From the moment I walked into Dr. Ishida’s office I felt comfortable and a part of their family. He did a complete and thorough examination and gave me my options for treatment. I was never pressured to make a decision. I decided to have a Complete Mouth Makeover, and although the work was major, I realized I had made the right decision in coming to Dr. Ishida and having the procedure done. Why? He made sure I was comfortable, the clean and beautiful office, the up to date equipment, the feeling of being part of their family, and the follow-up with making sure my new teeth were perfect and I was HAPPY. Now that it’s done I love my gorgeous new smile and a healthier mouth too. Dr. Ishida is “The Best” and worth every penny. I’d do it again if I had to”

Dr. Nate Booth


D.S. writes:

I have been very happy to have Dr. Ishida as my dentist for over four years. When we met at my first consultation, I needed extensive dental work that required many involved procedures.
Dr. Ishida was the only dentist on Kauai who could offer me everything I needed in his office. This saved me a lot of time , expense and stress, as I didn't have to go to different dentist for certain procedures. "One Stop Dentistry" so to speak as all my procedures were done in his office alone.
I had always been very nervous about any type of dental work, but Dr. Ishida and his staff were very friendly and professional and, I felt relaxed and confident at our first meeting.
During my second consultation, he outlined my options and described the details of each procedure. This was very reassuring to me, because there would be no surprises.
For the next fe months, I looked forward to my appointments. Dr. Ishida was always very careful, calm and organized, and always made sure that I was comfortable and relaxed.
As a result, I experienced very little pain during and after each procedure.
Now, I have a beautiful smile and healthly teeth and gums. I continue to have regular cleanings and checkups, and have had no complications.
Thank you Dr. Ishida,
Susan D.

A.S. writes:
“I am very happy and grateful you gave me a complete mouth makeover. I dreaded looking in the mirror and seeing my chipped front teeth, old ugly black fillings, crooked teeth and always wondering what’s lurking under my gold crowns. Now, my teeth aren’t yellow anymore. Thanks so much Dr. Ishida for giving my smile a New Life again! ”

B.Z. writes:
“Dr. Ishida, I sincerely thank you for the Fantastic work you did for me in transforming my previously dull smile into a bright wonderful one. I had wanted that for over 30 years. It was a pleasure working with you and your friendly, professional staff. ”


G.H. writes:
“Wow! What a difference. Looks great and feels good too!”

A.F. writes:
“Sometimes busy people wait years to ‘finally’ do something that they really wanted to have done a long time ago.  I was that person. I had many issues with my mouth. Broken and missing teeth really embarrassed me. I knew I had some major problems brewing in my mouth and had difficulty with chewing foods properly. I had a Complete Mouth Makeover done with Dr. Ishida and it was a Life Changing experience for me. It did wonders for my self confidence and no longer feeling self-conscious about how they look. Thank you very much Dr. Ishida and staff for your professionalism. I am truly happy with the outcome of my new smile. I feel twenty years younger; have a healthier mouth, and a radiant beautiful new look!” 

I.N. writes:

Our heartfelt thanks for being so patient with me! All those impromptu phone calls you made to me after office hours are so appreciated! You and your entire Team ahve accommodated me so, so well. You all have been just Great!! Very warm and friendly and a caring team. Excellent service! A+.
Mahalo, Dr. Ishida

E.T. writes:
“Thanks, Dr. Clyde for my Great Smile. I feel young again.” 

P.O. writes:
“As an instructor, I was always self conscious of my smile while instructing my students. Now, I’m smiling all the time and no longer ashamed. Should have done this a long time ago.” 



J.F. writes:
“I hated my discolored, aging, yellowing teeth. Thank you Dr. Ishida, I am ecstatic about my new youthful smile.”



D.K. writes:
“Thank you for giving me back the self confidence in my smile and helped me develop healthier oral hygiene habits.”

C.M. writes:
“Dr. Ishida has been my dentist for many years. He has done some major work for me that was thorough, excellent and pain free. I really appreciate his gentleness and sensitivity, and have always been able to put me at ease. I feel very confident and relaxed in his hands. He has a velvet touch”

G.H. writes:
“Dr. Ishida is a perfectionist and that is what makes him so special. He loves and enjoys what he does and truly cares about his patients. I would highly recommend him and his top notch team.”

B.K. writes:
“If you want to enjoy the great pleasures of life, like smiling, talking, and enjoying your favorite foods, then you have got see Dr. Ishida. I had a smile makeover done professionally with Dr. Ishida and I feel great! He took the time to explain everything to me during a treatment conference, and answered all of my questions and concerns. I am so happy with the results and really enjoyed my experience with his office. He and his staff are all so competent, pleasant, and professional and always willing to please and make sure I was comfortable. I loved that. Thank you for my wonderful smile!”


J.P. writes:

“I would like to Thank You and your staff for an excellent experience. I have never had any dental office show such kindness, thoughtfulness and concern for their patients. I thank you for taking the time to see me. I was showed so much care and with no rush from anyone. That meant a lot to me. I will definitely recommend your dental office to anyone looking to have not just great teeth, but superb patient care.

J.K.T. writes:

Thank you Dr. Ishida, for making my “dream” smile a reality. I appreciated your excellent, skilled, friendly, and caring attitude and the interest you took in accepting the challenge of granting me a “smile” of a lifetime! I was totally impressed with your most advanced technological equipment your clean, cheerful, and modern state of the art office and your helpful and friendly staff.

How fortunate we are to have a dentist with such expertise serving us here on Kauai!