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Kapaa Teeth Whitening, Dental Implants, Veneers

Clyde T. Ishida, DMD, Inc. offers a full array of dental services to help you maintain healthy teeth. You can read more on this page about specific services.

Our primary focus is on providing our patients with a comprehensive menu of treatment options. We strive to provide you with complete mouth dentistry that will make you look great, feel fantastic, and keep you comfortable for a long time. For this purpose, Dr. Ishida has not specialized in any one field of dentistry, but is committed to being proficient in all phases of dentistry in order to provide you with complete dental care. Along with his expertise, he is committed to using state of the art materials and procedures.


It’s not easy to maintain consistently good oral hygiene. That’s because there is a serious constant battle occurring in your mouth on your teeth and gums. Bacteria in your mouth are constantly trying to create tooth decay and gum disease. This is why we believe regular checkup and maintenance is essential for good oral health. Our approach to battle these problems includes using the latest technology to assess your mouth for decay, gum disease, oral cancer, and other potential problems. If you want to keep your teeth for the rest of your life, and have them looking and feeling their best, we can help you attain that goal.

  • DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY (less radiation)



People are often so used to the appearance of their own smile that they never think about changing it. Few realized how great an impact just a few tiny changes can make on their perspective of life. Even fewer people are aware of the many ways available for turning ordinary teeth into incredible smiles! From simple whitening, straightening, and shaping procedures, to more extensive reconstruction, Dr. Ishida is experienced and skilled with whatever’s required to help you look and feel your best. See our“Smile Gallery”and look at the possibilities for you.

  • Non-Metallic Mercury Free Tooth–Colored Filling Materials
  • All Ceramic Metal-Free Crowns, Onlays,&Inlays
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • In-Office Teeth Whitening
  • Take Home Teeth Whitening
  • Custom Designed Smiles


Life can be pretty harsh on your teeth. Aging, accidents, unchecked periodontal disease and just plain wear and tear can lead to cracked, broken, discolored, or missing teeth….. all of which lead to further problems if not caught and corrected. But quick fixes won’t help for long. That’s why we’re careful to emphasize comprehensive, proactive restorative care. With today’s excellent materials and advanced techniques, we can bring back your smile and keep you smiling for years to come.

Our restorative services include:

  • Non-Metal Fillings, Crowns, Onlays, Inlays, and Bridges
  • Dental Implant instead of bridges or dentures
  • Endodontic (root canal) Services
  • Complete and Partial Dentures
  • Neuromuscular Dentistry (see Neuromuscular Dentistry section)


We take your periodontal care seriously, because we know what many people don’t: gum disease is both silent and dangerous. Since it’s relatively painless and asymptomatic in the early stages, it can advance pretty far before the victim realizes what’s going on. And that can mean tooth damage, tooth loss, and extensive dental work. Our solution is to offer the best prevention education we can, keep a vigilant watch over any suspicious areas, record all clinical findings, and offer the latest in in-office periodontal techniques.

  • Computerized Periodontal Charting
  • A Non-Surgical Approach to Periodontal Therapy using a Soft Tissue Laser
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning of Infected Areas

A natural, beautiful solution for confident living.

What are dental implants?
Dental implants are a safe, medically proven, esthetic alternative to traditional crowns, bridge work, and dentures. Because implant restorations look and feel more like natural teeth, they offer new levels of comfort, security and confidence over traditional treatments. For more than three decades, dental implants have been helping to provide quality of life to patients with restorative needs.

How do they work?
A dental implant is a small “anchor” made of titanium that is inserted into the jawbone to take the place of your missing tooth root. After osseointegration (when the surrounding bone has healed to the implant), a replacement tooth is secured to the top of the implant. This new tooth looks and feels and performs similar to your natural teeth.

What are the benefits?
Choosing dental implants as a treatment option can offer you a number of significant advantages.

In addition, dental implants can improve your appearance, self-confidence, and give you new peace of mind. They look and feel similar to natural teeth, and the securely attached implant can give you the confidence of eating what you like, speaking easily and clearly, and a new sense of security. Dr. Ishida offers the most advanced implants and prosthetics available today. To find out if implants are the right solution for you, call Dr. Ishida’s office today for a free consultation at 808-822-4906.


Does your smile reflect the real you? Show the world who you really are, with INVISALIGN: The invisible way to straighten teeth. Invisalign makes it easy to straighten your teeth without bands, brackets, or wires. Forget everything you’ve heard about teeth straightening. Because a proven technology now exists that lets you straighten your teeth ----- invisibly.

  • Maintains Facial Anatomy. If you have missing teeth, the bone begins to shrink over time. Unhealthy bone loss can make your jaw line recede and change your facial structure. Dental implants can help prevent deterioration of the jawbone so your face retains its natural shape.
  • Helps to keep your healthy teeth. A better long-term alternative to bridgework, dental implants eliminate the need to grind down healthy teeth when replacing one for more adjacent teeth. Your own natural healthy teeth do not need to be ground down as in doing bridgework, therefore, healthy teeth are not compromised.
  • Security. Securely anchored dental implants do not slip or move. This eliminates some of the key problems with dentures, including poor fit, gum irritation and pain from exposed nerves. The result is superior comfort, reliability, and freedom from embarrassment.