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From Sedation Dentistry to Totally Personalized Implants, the Smile Center Will Give You a New Smile

Don't want to face the embarrassment of plates and fakes that cripple your ability to smile and chew with comfort? Want to prevent premature wrinkles, aging, and that denture look?

Dental implants help you recover from the ravages of diseases past and give you another special Second Chance to have teeth that look great, feel great and help energize your life.

It's different than any other dentist office you've ever been to. You'll notice that the minute you walk through the door. Or in the moments to come when you notice the personal service and attention to the way you'd like things done. "This isn't a dentists office," you think. Even if you've always hated the dentist's office... heck, especially if you've always hated the dentist's office -The Kauai Smile Center will make you smile.

The Smile Center is no normal dentist's office. It's a transformation center - a place where people who have lost their smiles can come to get them back. Completely.

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I have had a very difficult case because I had no more back teeth. The remaining teeth that I had in the front I had grinded down so badly that my bite was off. My Smile Center dentist worked with me instead of me having to work with him. He can prescribe something to make it easier if you are scared. You don't feel like you are being rushed in and rushed out."

-Jim Doyle




How You Can Benefit From Friendly, Gentle Dentistry

Gentle Dental Care is important- to you and to us. Too many people have had bad memories  etched into their minds from dental care of the past. No wonder when people are asked about smiles, they react with positive thoughts. Yet,  when asked about the word dentist, bad associations popped up immediately. Not a pretty picture.

We Understand.

A new day is here. It is possible to enjoy friendly, gentle dental care that puts a smile on your face and a smile in your heart. The dark dreaded days of Bad Dental Experiences Past are gone. Old Fashioned Dentistry is Kaput- forever. Good Riddance.

The new day- Friendly, Gentle Dentistry. Dare I say you could enjoy your visit to us?! Yep. Virtually everyone does. Wouldn’t it be smart to join them?! Call us at (808) 822-4906.

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